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Run your own Local Online Marketplace - for your home town

Welcome to theClassified - Local marketplaces across the UK

theClassified allows your local community to buy and sell goods in an online marketplace dedicated to your town or city. This also has the benefit of boosting your local economy! If you want to buy or sell something in your area, find your local market on our Interactive Map.

theClassified is giving you the opportunity to run your community's online marketplace. By becoming a Licensee you can work from home and choose your own hours. theClassified can also be run alongside your existing business. We will provide you with a ready-made website at a fraction of the cost of building your own. You will also benefit from our added extras and support. You even get an iPad included in your starter pack!

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theClassified Story

theClassified is a series of web based market places run for locals, by locals. Designed to enable businesses to advertise direct to their local community and customers to shop locally, therefore boosting the local economy. Each site is run locally by a Licensee. Read more ..

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